Catch + release

The work evolves from a fictional premise of a collection of oddly formed heart specimens. Each heart is particularly distorted as if a lifetime of emotional experience has left physical imprints––distensions, mutations, unrestrained growth and scars––on the intimate surface of the organ.


Joey Morgan, Comparative Anatomies
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THE OBJECTS: Formal with the weight of the iron framework, they seem to have been placed a bit high on the wall. Bits of copper catch the light. The face can seem full of energy, like some piece of battered metal but strong, and then tentative and vulnerable–translucent in parts. There is tension as the magnets stretch the surface and hold one part to the other.

THE VIDEOS: Each begins with the same introduction (have I seen this before?) and spirals into a short burst of exploratory memory or obsessive thought. The space between image and text invites a further reckoning.

THE FIRE: In Vermont people designate a winter jacket to be worn to the bonfire; over the years the sparks burn holes. The warm embrace of a fire burning all night long, the violent pulse of flames, the scattering of ash – one’s mind wanders.

However abstract the conceptual framework may be, the first punch is emotional. Scale and points of attachment tether a piece to the analog world; but gaps are the essential components, giving the work breath. The piece may address shared experience from a particular voice, but it is received, interpreted and essentially altered by the visitor. What meaning there is resides with the viewer. These romantic precepts have endured, I think, throughout the body of my work.